Who is a Hero?

We all have pre-conceived notions of who heroes are. Standard definitions, a lens through which we chose to look at only certain individuals, distinguishing them as extraordinary. But if what define a hero are bravery, determination, altruism, drive, compassion, love, and most importantly a cause they care about,then isn’t everyone a hero in their own sense?

At Cargills FoodCity, we believe so. We see our farmers, entrepreneurs, employees and customers all as heroes. Through ‘Heroes’ what began as our efforts to empower and work alongside these individuals, transformed into an initiative that recognizes the story each of them bear.


The core of our story is inspiration. And while showing appreciation for our heroes, our mission is to go beyond them, drawing inspiration from the countless everyday heroes of our nation. Sharing the incredible stories of ordinary people, their unwavering hope, perseverance, defiance and triumph in the journey towards becoming much more than ordinary. These heroes are from all walks of life, and while in our quest we are honoured to have touched countless lives, together we can change countless more for the better, inspiring them to become heroes of their own stories and that of Sri Lanka.

Our work with ‘Heroes’

Our relationship with local farmers, heroes who in the journey towards nourishing their own also nourish the nation began with the setting up of the first Cargills FoodCity collection centre in Hanguranketha. Today that relationship has only grown stronger. Setting up Saru Bima; a farming community upliftment initiative, we have helped enrich the lives, livelihoods and legacies of countless farmers. Through the Saru Bima fund Cargills donates 50 cents for every kilogram of vegetables and each litre of milk purchased from farmers to be utilized for empowerment projects including The Farmer Citizens Awards, scholarship programmes for farmer’s children and Save our Soil programme. Entrepreneurs are also heroes the world rarely sees. As those who strive to drive change, these heroes bring success to not only their own but also strengthen the nation’s economy, which is why we continue to invest in many of their ventures. At Cargills FoodCity, we also consider every employee in our over 8,000 strong family a hero. Their stories are marked by sacrifice, hard work and determination not just to make life better for their loved ones but also bring smiles to you. But our journey to make lives better would be impossible without you, our consumers. Because in your efforts to bring happiness to your family you help us bring happiness to countless lives, becoming heroes in your own right.

Cargills Heroes

Campaign Influencers

Having been a part of their journey, we see them as heroes every day. Get to know them better so that you can also see them through our eyes.